Things You Can Do

The City of Kirkland wants to reduce environmental impacts caused by traffic, helping those who live and work in Kirkland thrive. That's why we created Kirkland Green Trip, a one-stop resource to plan the most sustainable trips to and from work, school, and home. Here are a few things you can do while you're here:
  • Discover a variety of ways to travel that help you save money and the planet.
  • Plan an employee commute or tenant commute trip reduction program.
  • Contact us to help you build a custom commute plan.
  • Find out how to track your trips and earn rewards.

Employer Resources

Whether your business is new to Kirkland, or been here for decades, there’s a Kirkland Green Trip solution to keep your employees moving.┬áIf it has a Kirkland address, Kirkland Green Trip will help your company implement new transportation programs through access to resources and staff support.

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SchoolPool is offered in many cities throughout King County and soon in Kirkland. Parents register online to set up a profile and share carpooling duties with other parents of kids who attend your child’s or children’s school. SchoolPools help reduce trips, which helps reduce emissions from vehicles and cut down on congestion near schools.

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